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by on February 13, 2011

Superior quality at affordable prices is our USP. All our marine grade carpets are fade resistant, non-flammable, unravel free and pliable. Being made from superior grade yarn UV resistant using only latest technology, the carpets remain fade proof and new looking for years to come.

Available in a host of colors all marine carpets from Boat carpet central store are designed to make any boat look stylish and up-to date. All our marine carpets have a solid rubber backing so no matter how much water they absorb, the wooded floor boards of the boat below will remain mold and mildew free. We offer safe and fast delivery of our carpets to customers at no added cost. It is 100% free and secure.

We offer good or standard marine carpets in 16 oz. weight, better or premium marine carpets in 20 oz. and best or luxury 24 oz. carpets.

Our carpets are available in 30 feet, 25 feet, 20 feet, 16 feet lengths and 6 feet and 8.5 feet widths. We also make custom cuts and sizes for our customers.

Marine carpet from Boat carpet central is made in the USA and come with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. We offer a dedicated 24/7 toll free helpline telephone number where any customer have their queries addressed, if need be.

Choose cheap boat carpets from many modern stylish colours like marine, teal, taupe, burgundy, khaki, mint, grass and gray to name just a few.

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