robert coute

Sportsmen stores are bombarded for months with the need to update deer hunting licenses and purchase any equipment not already available in the storage shed of these hardened men. Being ready to go is definitely on the minds with no way out of it for anyone.

Deer hunting is not only a sport but an art form. A misconception of some is that it is a way for groups of men to show their superiority over the animal kingdom. This may be true some of the time but there are other reasons. It gives men time to explore their intellectual properties as well. There is a lot of work that goes into hunting. Deer are elusive and there are a lot of signs to find, evaluate and follow before a good hunt comes to a favorable conclusion.

Deer rubs are one of the signs deer hunters watch for. It was originally thought that sitting in the vicinity of these markings was a good way to achieve an easy hunt. This is no longer the popular belief. It is a rare hunter who actually sees the buck make this mark so it is truly a mystery why it is there. Deer scrapes are another sign that is sought out by these sportsmen. It is believed that these marks are put into the ground while bucks battle over a doe. This is to show that they are the dominant male and the other needs to just go on. Utilizing this sign also requires knowledge of the timing change between mating season and hunting season. It is not always going to be a place the deer return during the time of year when men are out to kill them.

Deer hunting is a good way to let off steam. Gathering around a fire at night, sleeping in a comfortable tent listening to the sounds of nature are geared toward getting the mind clean for the modern world. It is a time when men can get together and be themselves. And, it also gives them the chance to compete for the mental trophy of who is the most stealthy hunter in the wood.